Case Studies

Helping customers get rid of debt

Lorraine had unsecured debts of £65,000. She was aged 40, had a young family, was recently divorced and ill with worry. She had a good job but was unable to make ends meet. Lorraine agreed with her creditors to pay £600 per month for 5 years. This paid a dividend to creditors of 40p in the £. 'As soon as I met with the team they made we feel confident that my debt was being dealt with. If I ever get the chance I would be delighted to recommend I can now sleep at nights.'

Nick and Sue
Nick and Sue had unsecured debts of £120,000. Both were mid 40s and had 3 teenagers. They owned their own house and there was a household income of £30,000. Nick and Sue agreed with their creditors to remortgage the property and pay £300 per month for 4 years. This paid a dividend to creditors of 38p in the £. 'Until we sat down with the team at we did not realise the extent of our problems. They made us face up to reality and came up with solutions that meant we could keep our house. To go to for help was the best decision we have made in years.'

"I was paying £838 per month on debts of £42,000. After calling these were reduced to £300 per month and I will be debt free in 5 years. I am not afraid to open the post now."